911Tutor makes it easy to network with Students and tutors. Here are some frequently asked questions about how 911Tutor works.

Finding a tutor

To find a tutor, simply enter a keyword (subject, tutors name, city, school, etc.) in the search field. You can also click on the "advance search" button to narrow down your search.

Yes! Unlike other tutoring sites, 911tutor gives the tutor and the students the power to communicate on their own terms. The tutor can decide to render his or her sessions free of charge. It is entirely up to the tutor and the students. If the tutor decides to charge, he or she can use our financial portal to receive or send payment. We use PayPal to ensure all financial information and transactions are well protected. Also, please review our Terms of Service and Meeting Guidelines prior to meeting with a tutor.

Yes, we guarantee to provide you with a site that is both convenient and reliant. We have created a platform where you, the student, is in control. You are solely responsible for selecting tutors to meet your needs. But, we help you with your decision-making process by making tutors’ profiles visible. These profiles include their academic performance, availability and rating. This rating system also ensures that your perspective is always valued. We also monitor the reviews of tutors to secure our site of fraudulent or ineffective tutors.

No, all tutors listed on our website are available, but their schedules may not always reflect their current availability. Your best bet is to send the tutor a message to see if he or she can work with your schedule. You can also view their calendar to see the days he or she is available and send them a session request by clicking on the day.

No, 911tutor is an open market for the exchange of knowledge; therefore, we do not limit the subjects that can be taught using our site, as long as they are in accordance with our Terms of Service. For example, you shall not teach anyone how to perform illegal activities. As long as the subject is not in violation of our Terms of Service, any tutor with any specialty can create a free account on our site.

Using our online virtual class room, any tutor from anywhere in the world can tutor you. If you find a tutor, contact him/her through his or her profile and ask for his/her availability and specific guidelines.


911Tutor connects tutors with students across the world. We provide you a free platform to network with an expansive group of users. 911Tutor takes out the hard work many free-lance tutors encounter in seeking students needing help. Students seek your assistance. In addition, you have the option of obtaining monetary benefits by charging students for your service.

No, it is free to create an account with 911tutor.

We have integrated PayPal payment process into 911tutor. All students have to pay the amount set by the tutor before enrolling in the class. The payment then goes into an escrow account until the session is successfully completed. Once the session is complete, students have one week to approve the session and endorse that the session occurred successfully and there were no issues. If the student does not provide the approval within the one-week time period, payments are automatically disbursed to the tutor. There is a 17% charge added to the total amount the tutor is charging for a session. The student is responsible for paying this amount before enrolling in a class. This amount is deducted before the payments are disbursed to the tutor.

Yes. If a student does not approve of a session or requests a refund for various reasons, 911tutor works with PayPal to resolve issues and also coordinate with users to ensure each party is satisfied.

You may offer the student a free session at another time or work to resolve the issue with the student. It is the student’s responsibility to attend the session or communicate any issues with you prior to the session.